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I agree it is a rip-off. I have lost over $400.00 and they will not even talk about a refund, even when I will send back the unopened box of junk.

Now I am stuck with stuff that doesn't work. That's kind of why I got the samples. I wanted to see if it worked and after I have found that it doesn't, I certainly don't want any more.

Now they tell me all sales are final. What kind of customer service is that? They must have to set it up like that because they know it doesn't work and more people would be returning their product. That is the only way they can sell it is through deceit.

Most companies are really good about concerns like this.

What a scam.

Don't ever get caught with them.

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Cancel your credit card. That's what I just did after reading about the repeated charges.

I hated to do it, but I can't afford to keep that outfit going.

The only way I got them to give me a refund was

to tell them I was going to the State Atty. I'm still going to report it.

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