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This product was advertised to me when I was on the internet as a pop up. I don't usually pay them any mind.

But its promises were very appealing. It offered the product as a free sample and you only need pay $5.95 shipping. Those charges were immediately billed to my credit card. It arrived with a flatted packing slip and there was a ton of fine print.

Payed it very little mind. Eager to try my new product.30 Days into the product I have a rash,severe redness. I did wonder at the burning & stinging when applied but figured the product was approved by FDA and safe. NOT SAFE.

Then 30 days later my credit card was charged $99.95. I called to find out shipping return to be told there was no returns.

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#277758 purchased and USED a skin care product without bothering to research the active ingredients, didn't read the fine print on your sales slip, then you have the nerve to complain about the product? Please tell me you're kidding. Maybe the internet is not a safe place for you to be playing...

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