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This company is fraudulently accepting card numbers for payment of shipping for a 14-day free trial of a product that was not requested and fails to perform as advertised.

Also, the fine print in their contract, which takes effect after the 14-day trial allows them to charge the card $89.95 per month, in perpetuity, to pay them for supplying a product that is bogus.

Representatives of the company, contacted by phone, were uncommunicative, refusing to listen to my complaint. In the end, they discontinued the call by hanging up on me, leaving me both confused and still unhappy with the company.

The company's representative stated very clearly, when I called to complain, that "this is fraud," insinuating that the fraud was coming from me, the customer.

1) I am a man, who cares not a bit about wrinkles.

2) The "free sample" was addressed to me at wrong street number, not mine.

3) I was expected to pay postage to return the "free samples" to the company.

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Advise for all of these complainants: Phone to cancel as soon as you can and email the cancellation as well. Then contact your credit card company and advise them of the situation, the credit card company, depending which card you use, will either ask you to send a copy of the email with the date you cancelled or they will take it as given that you have cancelled.

The credit card company should then reverse the charges once they come in. You have to watch the debits on your credit card and notify the credit card company as soon as you are billed by these fraudsters.

The credit card company should the reverse the charge.

The same thing happened to me and this is what I have done, my credit card company have reversed all the payments. Yippee!!!

Give it a try, hope you have success.

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