I tried Dermatage and saw that it would not help me. Dermatage said unless I return the product, I would be charged $29.95.

Returned it via UPS but they have a POB and UPS will not accpet it. They are going to charge me for just trying the product. What a scam. Supposed to be fee trial.

Ha! I think Dermatge nas a very seductive way of scamming the people. It is necessary for them to to be sure that this is a free sample.

They call it a fee tiral period but do not advertise that way. Ha!

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Well I fell for the same ***,,called to tell them I would be sending my "free kit" back,,,they said they would cancel my payment,,and told me to print out my "return address label",,ha,,nothing comes up for the address label to be printed, they did however give me a RMA number.

Now this is going back to Canada,,so it will cost me more to send it back....God,,,when will I learn!


We need to contact our government officials for scams such as these. I too was taken by this company.

I too cancelled by phone and ejmail and was told I had not called. I will have to have my telephone comapany verify my calling.

Would you like to sue this company? Email this site and together as one we can overcome injustices like this.

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