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Free trial offer for Skin Cream

I got a Free trial and now they charged my credit card 69.95.

They apparently do not know what free means

I have offered to return them a never used product, and requested an RMA in order to do so. I told the that I would withdraw that complaint when they return my money!!! But they respond with a computer generated response something about bank visa and master card and now in this response included American express. Free trial does not mean a charge of $69.95!

All I want to do is return their stuff (Still Sealed) Unused. and When they replace the money in my American express It will take me less then one minute to withdraw the complaint. I have contacted them over numberous times and they refuse to replace my money or give me a method of retiring their stuff.. I have also supplied them with my phone number 702 395 3557

I think their advertisement is deceptive and is nothing more then a scam. I want my money returned and a shipping authorization information.

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What a bunch of *** Dermitage is! I tried and tried through their company AND BANK of AMERICA to have the charges stopped! HELP!


Yes they are misleading because you don't notice the terms and conditions in small print below, and THEY DO NOT ASK YOU to click any box if you agree to the terms and conditions. I became uninterested in their product as soon as I learned about their unlawful way in which they manouver their way into our wallets.

I did called them to tell them I will return their product right back when it arrives. I also alerted my credit card company of Dermatage business practices (scam)so that they don't authorized any charges. However, Dermatage is not taking responsibility of the shipping cost, which they should based on their shadiness. I will sue them in small claims for all shipping cost and any and all incurring charges that may arise.

That is if I have to travel to California plus my stay. We have to set them straight and I know a judge will see through the eyes of the consumer. They have no mercy so why should we.

Everyone should sue toget their money back. For me, as of now, I may only have the shipping cost but even that is a crime.

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