I am still trying to get this settled. Dermitage has a problem with honest sell practices. Not until I clicked the button for a FREE sample did I realize they were going to charge me. I immediatly contacted them by phone. Talked to 2 different people (Have their names written down ) then wrote them telling them I did not want the trial offer. That was in Feb. I am STILL being charged with something I do not have !!

I have a charge on my credit card today which compelled me to post this.

Let's see if anyone from the company even reads their complaints !!!

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Thanks for the head's up on how they reel you in! If you like the product, I guess there's no problem, but for those who aren't thrilled with it, it sounds like once you click on the "free" offer they've sucked you in. NO THANKS.

Melvin Village, New Hampshire, United States #208486

Call your Bank and tell them you do not want this Company to be able to debit from your act. They need to be SHUT DOWN.

You truly have to stay 2 steps ahead of Co's like this! Send for the so called "FREE" sample from an act set up souly for this kind of purchase, with only $ 10.00 in it.

Then they are screwed NOT you!!! 8)

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