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Dermitage charged my a/c for 5.95 for sample creams which was Ok. Then on 2/14 an unauthorized charged was made for $108.69 for merchandise that was never received.

I contacted Dermitage about this but have received no response. Will you please take of this matter as I am PISSED OFF.Reference # is 1539. Posting date is 2/15.

You can notify me via E-mail aboynes@socal.rr.com Thank You Adelaide Boynes Again I need to expand my complaint so I can reach one hundred words. Please rush this request as fast as you can.

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I am sorry to hear about your problem with Dermitage. A friend of mine warned that this might happen if I did the "Free" offer.

Sure enough, on the second page where I would have entered my credit card info, was their "gotcha". Just call your credit card company and tell them what happened and they should issue a credit to your account.

Good luck.....and be sure to read everything before entering your credit card info!

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