Do not order Dermitage, it doesn't work, plus the return policy is impossible. They say free sample, no such luck.

What a rip off.

I have called and emailed them without success. I did use Dermitage for a few months, I saw no results. It is a face cream that has no factors that help dry or aging skin. Even though I gave it months, it did nothing.

They claim if you send it back there will be no charge although your window for return is very small.

The staff, believe it or not has different polices on returns, it depends on who and when you talk to them. Stay away from Dermitage.

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I was wondering about how it worked. All the complaints I have read are "How everyone lost their hard earned money" I understand and most companies that sell snake oil do have customer service issues all with return issues...BUT!!!

Does it work? I know people feel swindled because of all the charges and that is a major pain in the butt and you feel taken advantage of...BUT!!! Does it work?

I only ask this because I am an athlete and I am out in the sun alot and seem to be aging before my time AND don't want expensive surgery and recovery time.

So, just wondering if anyone actually tried it besides Peggy and Lynn? :)


I have used this and it doesn't do half of what they claim that it will. It leaves a sticky residue on your face, and it iritates my skin.

There are much better creams out there that do more and cost half the price.

I say don't waste your money and don't believe all of the hype. It's nothing more than a marketing scheme.


I have used the product for two months now. I am 56 and i like the way it makes my face and skin feel.

Ok it's not making me look several years younger, but then i didn't expect it to.I still had issues with blemishes now and then. I have stopped using ProActive.

My face has not broken out since I started using Dermitage and my skin is soft and moist. I have not had any problems with there customer service when I call either.


I wish I had read all of this before. I got sucked in also but I have to admit...I used it last night and this morning and my skin feels exceptionally soft.

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