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I was sucked in by the online "free" trial ad. In addition to the basic stuff, I opted to pay the shipping to try the dark circle eye product. Exactly 14 days after delivery, my credit card was charged $99 for the product. I didn't realize I was being charged until I did a routine check of my credit card purchases. This was two days after the 14-day trial. I called their customer service line and asked for the charge to be removed and to cancel my account since I was not happy with the products. I thought all would be well.

However, when I checked back on my credit card statement, the $99 charge was still there. I talked with two different customer service reps. The charge still stands because I failed to "read the fine print" on their web site. Two days after the fact is too bad for me!

I found the products actually dried out my skin and made it look duller. I used them consistently, night and day, until I saw that $99 charge on my credit card. I think the 14 day window is strategic because the results do not improve over time and you then find your skin worse off for the effort. By then, SHAZAAMM!! the have you paying a hefty price for nothing but drier skin.

If they had a good product line, they wouldn't use these tactics. So much for return customers. Like NEVER!

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