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What a rip off. Free 14 day trial - $3.95...14 days from shipping and a week later get the product.

Where's the 14 days? The stuff dried my skin and now I have RED blotches that feel like they are burns. I have been promised refund, LESS $20.00 restocking fee? How can they restock opened cosmetics?

We'll see. Oh, now I'm looking at $89.95 + $3.95 shipping and $20.00 "restocking" fee. Hmmm that's a little more than what they advertised. I don't get why the FDA doesn't crack down on these false claims and why FCC doesn't crack down on scams like this.

Guess that would be too much government...but that's another story. No protection for the consumer.

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I ordered Dermitage free trail and have not

received it yet; but after reading all those

complaints about a scam when ordering, I'm

beginning to worry if I am taken since I have

never bought skin cream on the Web. I will watch and wait for my trail and if it doesnt come I will notify them OR the BBB in New York city where I live near.


Eastern Idaho - Best of luck in getting it straight. I DID receive my refund and was NOT charged the $20.00 restocking fee, due to the fact I called a second time and was very unhappy about the whole thing.

Now, I did go one step further. I took a permanent marker and marked on each container: Opened - do not restock, refill or reuse. Then I covered the printing with tape (so it couldn't be wiped off) and put each back in their boxes wraped it up and sent it back. The idea of the product is super, it just didn't perform well for me.

I have very sensitive skin and have reactions to a lot of stuff. Their formula did not prove to be compatible with my skin.

I just don't like being told one thing and having something else done. Best of luck to you.


To All: I am writing to warn everyone what these reviews did. I didn't look at these first and got caught up in the Dermitage farce.

I worried, didn't sleep, and called my bank back. I explained what this company has done in the past to others and they said my credit card has been compromised and they immediately cancelled my credit card and issued me a new one (different number). I was only charged the $5.99 for shipping by this company. They won't be able to charge me anymore.

Thank God!!! Now, I won't worry about outrageous charges that many of you have recieved.


Another discussion on Dermitage: I received my product quite fast, but it made my skin burn. I used it once and packaged it up and sent it back (within the 14 day trial).

I also read all of the reviews and that made me contact my Bank (credit card) and asked that no charges be allowed on my credit card from this day forward from Dermitage. I called Dermitage this morning to make sure I was removed from their Elite Club. I was told I was removed from the automatic list and removed from their Elite Club. I mailed my package yesterday and it should be delivered the 19th of May.

We shall see! I will keep everyone up to date.


I ordered the Dermitage free trial. I used it once and it burned my face.

I didn't like it at all. I called Dermitage and received a return label. I sent it back yesterday (I sent the package priority mail). I cancelled my Dermitage "free trial" unwanted beauty club enrollment.

I did this within the 14 days. I told them I better not get charged the $44.95 for the products I returned.

Also, there was no where on the Free Trial order did it say I was going to be charged $44.95 after 14 days. A definite rip off!!


Open - Ingridiants?????? Look you like the stuff and how you were treated, I don't.

Simple as that. I am warning others that they need to be very careful about the products; the claims of success are NOT for everyone and the ingredients untried are unknown as to reactions. I got a very BAD customer service rep. Quit trying to paint me as an ***.

You are very unsuccessful in that deportment. There are several websites on the internet, who report others as being VERY unsatisfied with Dermitage and their claims.

I hope you continue to have great success with their product and still look 25!!! It's just NOT for everyone.


I am a user of dermitage and i called a few times as well but it was explained to me so i understand their terms and condtition... and NO i do not work for them uh hello it doesn't take much to understand simple terms and conditions the product is amazing and maybe you should read the ingridiants before you put stuff on your face..


Open your eyes and, my how kind you are. You missed the message: they promised a 14 day free trial which they did not provide!!

Since they had the tracking on the package, it should have been from the day the package was delivered, NOT from the day they mailed it. It didn't take 30 days for the stuff to harm my skin. I did call, however, then I found they went ahead and charged me. Wait Open, sounds as if YOU might work for them?

JD, I'm quite sure that you meant something else, however, you need to read your own missive, "dubm***", huh?

Look at the other complaints. Ah, but you call me ***?


Wow im sure we all learned how to read in first grade so thats why the terms and conditions are up there.. not to look at them but to read them they are written in 14 point font and it states in there you will have a 14 DAY TRIAL that means you try it not keep it duhh.. it is a full 30 day supply that gets sent to you if you dont not like the product call dermitage to cancel you are responcible for the S&h charge for the product to be sent back there is nothing wrong with the company it is not a scam maybe if people were not so lazy to read then they would not be having these kind of problems!!!!!!!!!!!


Well that what happens when you dont read!!!! How can you be on here complaining about a company when your dubm *** was the one who requested the service!! Take it as you have been charged *** tax!!!

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