Dermitage has decided to do business a little differently than anyone else. They will pull you in with a free trial offer, and charge you a slight fee for shipping.

While they have you on the phone they will get your credit card # and you will not find out about the fine print until after you recieve the product. Now you have 14 days to cancel your order or you will be charged the full retail price and the same order will be sent to you automatically every 3 months and charged to your credit card.

I like most people, rush to cancel within the 14 days so as not to get tyed up in this. The phone call was placed and got a very Pleasant Lady on the other end explaining a package will be sent out with a return authorization # inside, Just place the unused product inside and return to them. The next subject will be all the e-mails recieved by them offering you a 50% savings to continue buying the product,( remember the E-Mail).

In this part you will find out the Retail Price, as the Credit Card Bill arrived with a DERMITAGE transaction for $89.95.

Anouther 800-Phone call and I Have Nice young man on the other end asking why I waited 45 days. I explained I have been waiting for the Return package/ the return authorization#. He explained they do not send out a package and all I needed to do was to retrieve my RMS # from the (E-MAIL)and send the product back within the 45 days according to the (E-Mail) and I would not have been charged. He for some reason realized I was p1ssed off and put me on hold for a while and very nicely offered me a 50% refund to my credit card and that was the best he would do.

I have since retrieved all the e-mails from them and found nothing of what he told me about the return instructions. Buyer Beware- This is a total scam..You Know something, The product does work, just the wrong way to sell it..

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It is a shame that they are still in business! Trying it for 30 days really means 5 days!

I received mine on the 14th of Jan,2012 and saw the charge today,01/24/12, for $99.95! I tried to explain to their customer rep. that I would have until the 28th to return but she said it stated on the invoice that I had until the 19th!! That is only 5 days!!!

I am contacting my credit card to see if they can deal with this! FRAUDULENT COMPANY!


I received free samples in my name although my wife or I did not order any. We even haven't heard about this product or company.

I have no idea how they found my name,but they addressed it to a different location in the same street. Unfortunately, the USPS corrected it and redirected it to me as USPS was under the impression that it was a genuine mistake made by this fraudulent company. I decided not to phone them as I did not want to give any of my information further.

Perhaps this was an attempt to get further info. from me.


Free trial pay shipping, Is a scam. There should be a law about trying to screew people like they do.

If it hadn't been for my charge card people they would have got me. I wouldn't bye this product from them if it was the best, its not even close to an off brand.


I just received one of these today in the mail. Needless to say I did not order this stuff.

I called the company -. They did their very best to be unhelpful. I was told my order would be cancelled, but I decided not to trust them at all, and I went ahead and cancelled the credit card that was "used" in the transaction. I called my bank, cancelled the card, and ordered a new card.

This is bs, fraudulent and illegal activity. It's too bad we, as consumers have to be so hypervigilant regarding our credit cards, but it makes a good case for paying bills online as you can check your credit card activity constantly and monitor it.


This is just happening to me! I received the product in the mail and I never ordered it.

I told them that I didn't want this product nor did myself or my wife ask for a trial. Now they want me to ship it back, and I have to wait for a refund for the shipping costs!

SO ANNOYING!!!! Don't buy their products as they are going about selling it the wrong way!


Wowwwwww thaNk GOD i didnt buy this!!!!!!!!!!


Try this one. I received an email at work saying they were shipping something to my home address and listed the last 4 digits of a credit card I do not own.

I just got the package and called saying it was not my credit card. they said they couldn't look up whose credit card it was and said they canceled my offer and I can keep the product.

I asked them if this happens often and that it certainly is strange and she didn't reply.

I too never even heard of the company, did not place an order, and they had someone else's credit card they charged. Now thats a SERIOUS scam!


My 22 year old college student son's debit card was hacked by this company and we received the "free trial" without ordering it and his card was charged $3.97. The email address they claimed the order was placed from was, of course, a bogus hotmail account, no doubt generated by a robot to make the order appear legit.

My advice is to immediately have your credit card company cancel your card number and issue you a new one and contact your local police credit card fraud department. It's a very sad commentary of the state of doing business the American way.


I too got dupped by these jerks . they should be shut down be careful all their order techniques are true, bend over please!

they shipped me my 2nd order within days I am stuck with it. absolutely no refunds, return to sender doesn't work they won't accept it and you will be charged again plus the fact that now it is $94 The stuff doesn't work either, I have enough product and time to know!

disgruntled in Montana run fast, run far! :(





Concord, Missouri, United States #211997

The SAME thing happened to me. What a scam- this company should be shut down. :(


I suggest all of you people get together and file a class action suit against the company. It might not work, but it would hurt the name, and adding media publicity to the equation would be devastating.

I'm tired of these scams too. Sorry you all had problems, but if it makes you feel better it kept me from purchasing, so they lose!

Hopefully others are smart enough to heed the word! :grin


I suggest all of you people get together and file a class action suit against the company. It might not work, but it would hurt the name, and adding media publicity to the equation would be devastating.

I'm tired of these scams too. Sorry you all had problems, but if it makes you feel better it kept me from purchasing, so they lose!

Hopefully others are smart enough to heed the word! :grin


total rip off..this company is located in Canada and does not ship the same day therefore, your 14-day trial begins not counting the 4-5 days the product is hung up in customs


I was charged with this product along with SuperStar Smile, Advanced COlon and Acai Cleanse on my credit card. The charges were made while I was on vacation!

I never in my life ever even looked at these products.

This was 100% credit fraud. Sent an email to my attorney general and I hope to see action taken ASAP.


I don't understand how when something is free, consumers still give them their credit card information and then act surprised when they get charged more. If something is truly free, they won't need a credit card number.

So many companies do this. Honestly if you want to try something for free:


Walk into sephora and ask for a free sample OR

2. Read all the T&Cs and make sure to cancel within the time period.


I don't understand why you people aren't HIP to this already. If anything says FREE and then asks for your credit card number, why do you give it to them? I mean seriously get some common sense


just got the product and then the fine print, very disappointed they are tricking people into getting this "free trial' now I am out $6 for their fee and then have to pay to send the product back. this is no way to promote your product, will not be recommending to anyone.


I experienced the same thing..... the product didn`t works for me, I just called them today because my 14 day trial period isn`t over yet but they said it`s over days ago....

i hate to argue with them now I end up paying 99.95 for the product that sucks!!!!

So , guys be careful, wish I had read all these reviews..... I learned my lesson.


I'm glad I got this site. I just called them to cancel..I was told that I have to ship back product and PAY out my pocket...That's BAD.. Other companies don't make you pay out of pocket, but this one is.

I have to make sure the charge won't go thru my credit card.

For anyone who wants to try out this product, I don't think it works since NOT work out for us. You end up to pay our pocket more just a sample.

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