Call the Dermitage ask for your money back. It won't work but now you are ready to tell your Credit Card Co. you want the charge taken off because you didn't agree to the purchase.

They won't want to, so ask them to keep you on the line while they call the Deritage Co. For me Deritage became so nice and the charges were reversed. Hope this helps someone else.

This just solidifies my feelings that nothing is really free. All those so thoughtful lines they publish that act like they are giving neighborly advice on how to save money by getting free samples are a SCAM!!!

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Doesn't work. Called the Dermatage company and they insisted that they were not the ones who charged my account.

The product's name is Equinox, if this is of any help to anyone.

If anyone out there knows of this item, please comment. Thanks.


It's not a free sample what you initially ordered.. its a free trial.. bug difference


I just called to cancelled and to return 2 months of products in which I have not even open the boxes they were sent in. Was told I could only do one.

I only had one other company like this with poor customer service (both in CA).

Is this typical of business in CA. Never again will I do any business that is in CA.

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