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I fell for the dermitage ad about paying $7.00 S&H for a sample product. (Or as it turned out..

a sample trial period of THE product.) Supposedly, order the product and you have a trial period of 14 days. The catch: They send the actual product and YOU have a total of 14 days to send it back to them or they charge $90 to your account!! AND you have to CONTACT THEM FIRST to get a send back number before you can return the product!! Good luck with that!!

I'd tried to contact them via telephone, as their blurb said. NO answer or busy. (And telephone was THE ONLY WAY they could be contacted.) When I saw they had charged $90 for their 2 oz skin lotion to my Discover card, I again attempted to contact them. When I finally contacted the nasty "customer service" broad, she had a "pat answer obviously written down".

"You had the product well over 14 days; "everyone else" has been able to contact us; TOUGH LUCK, SUCKER!!" (Okay.. maybe she didn't say that last part out loud..) Discover card did their version of an investigation. Basically.. I got totally screwed!!

I looked up some legal info and the "statement" dermitage uses in their "agreement" uses "uncommon language" and "uncommon practices" not normally used and, therefor, unexpected types of terms and conditions.

(I had forwarded the exact info to Discover and they have deleted all correspondence.) I also wrote up a report for AND I contacted the official federal site dealing with fraudulent web sites and I reported dermitage. Of course, it's in limbo.

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To "sweet cowgirl" .. you are obviously a usefulidiot placed in all the anti-dermitage forums which are in abundance on the internet.

I have seen the phony "we love dermitage" web sites which neglect to have any room for comments or counterclaims. I hope they paid you well for your soul .. if you had one in the first place. Get a real life.

I read the terms. They were not upfront about the time limits or the "samples" which were not samples at all. My temper was in much better control than your obvious lack of mental capacity. You use the correct words to "push buttons".

YOU are totally obnoxious and you should admit you get paid by dermitage. But... that will never happen. Only an HONEST PERSON would actually confess to such a thing.

We all can tell by your cute little snide remarks that you have no ethics in the first place. Again.. get a real job.. find a real life.

Quit making your living off harassing victims of your employer!! :p


Uh, it always pays to read everything at least twice before you give out your CC information. I disagree that you got screwed.

You neglected to cover your butt.

The "nasty broad" was possibly responding to your out of control anger. If you can afford Dermitage you should be able to read the terms of the "just pay the S/H and if you aren't satisfied, return it before the end of the 14 day trial period." Be abusive and you shall be abused, verbally that is.

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