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Free sample is a joke. Got a full months supply and was expected to pay $99 for it.

Then was charged for an additional months supply without my knowledge. They have horrible business practices...forget the product. I would never do business with them. They are "Low down, sneaky, & underhanded in many ways.

I call to cancel and they said it was too late to cancel it had already been shipped and charged my account $50.90. But then the offered a refund of $22.00, but after much insistance on my part the agreed to send me instructions to send it back for a full refund. But they kept refering to the ad which stated no refunds, which I intially agreed to.

I NEVER saw anything about all that or the monthly supplies being sent or being charged $99.00 or no refunds...etc. It is a scam..plain and simple.

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When you call to cancel and the company says it's too late to cancel, refuse the package at the door. Ask the postal carrier for the tracking # (if you're not home, refuse the package at the post office).

It doesn't matter if you agree to no refunds or not. It means nothing if you paid with a credit card. You can issue a chargeback and if the package was refused and you have proof of that, the company MUST pay you back.

Open up a dispute and get your money back! Credit card payment = REFUND, PERIOD!

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