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Dermitage is a scam....DO NOT DO IT....they will charge you $100.00 for your "free" trial offer...and they do not answer the phones so that you can request a return confirmation number.....I have called the BBB and am documenting all of this info.....I have now called my credit card provider to stop the charges and am wating to hear back.....DON'T DO IT!!!!! I went back to the Dermitage site and NOWHERE does it specify that you are getting a full 30-day supply or that you will be charged 99.95, if NOT returned...

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Same thing happened to me!! No where did I see that I would be charged $99.95 if I didn't return the sample in 14 days!!

I did get someone on the phone and got a return # and am sending it back! What a pain for a supposedly FREE trial!!

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