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Do not buy Dermitage---They never cancel your order and keep charging your card once the have the number. You need to cancel your credit card as they do not cancel your order and keep shipping - even if you have a return authorization they do not cancel your order - before you know it you are thousands of dollars into skin cream that does not work -- I have called their customer service team at least 100 times and just resorted to cancelling the credit card and letting my credit card dispute with Dermitage. DO NOT ORDER THIS CREAM -= STAY AWAY FROM THIS COmpany

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I just today cancelled my auto shipment with Dermitage. I hope I don't have to go through what you did.

I decided to pay for the first month in an effort to give the product time to perform as promised. How disappointing when after 30+ days I saw no change. In fact, my skin looked worse because I had departed from my drugstore regime. Let's face it ladies, short of injections or surgical intervention, these miracle creams do not work.

Let's keep faces clean, wear sunscreen and learn to accept the fact that we are going to age.

What has always puzzled me is how these products are elevated to #1 status among the experts. They all must be on these companies payroll!

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