Like a fool, I ordered the "free sample" of skin products from them. They were unsatisfactory, and I DID NOT order anything else.

But guess what? I received a package from them in the mail on August 2nd; I did not open it. Rather, I typed a letter demanding that they credit my account with the money they removed from it immediately, and sent the unopened package back. As of August 11th, I still had not received a response.

I finally found their number on the internet, called, the representative was very rude and hung up on me. I immediately called back, and the representative I talked to said that my account would be credited back with only$99.00; however, they had debited my account for way, way over $150.00.

They are making a killing over riping the consumer off and to think they use a nationally recommended seal of approval from a major company to sell. It is very fraudulent, and I will be talking with someone tomorrow about fraudulent advertising!!!!

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