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I received a package from Dermitage today containing their anti-aging cream. The only problem is I never ordered this product, nor did I authorize any charges to my card by them. I called my bank to report the unauthorized charges and cancel that card.

I did get through to Dermitage Customer Care on the third try. They could only tell me that the order was placed online but not at what site. They then tried to sell me the product at a reduced rate and enter me into a sweepstakes which I politely declined.

I don't know if this is a scam or what but I am certainly suspicious. I only know I had never heard of Dermitage before this package arrived and I never placed any order with them, gave them my address, or my card number.

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Then I suspect I will be receiving something in the mail from them then. Although I have no clue how they would have gotten my mailing address or credit card information.

I am not even aware of the product! There has to be something that can be done.


I noticed an unauthorized charge on my personal credit card from Dermitage for $3.97 made on 05/28/2011 I have never even heard of the product or company and have not made any purchases online with this card related to beauty at all. Unfortunately it is a holiday weekend and I cannot get in touch with their company. Now I have to cancel my debit card as I fear someone has the information.


The same thing happened to me. Never ordered the anything from Dermitage but received a package and got charged 3.97 shipping.

I disputed the unauthorized charge and sent the package back to the sender.

Don't know where they got my address and credit card number. Scam!

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