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The company advertises free sample but then proceeds to continue sending every month. I was out of the country and came back to six boxes. Felt like a fool until I saw that others had the same complaint. Be careful. Nothing is free these days. I don't know that the product is bad, but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and I don't want to deal with a company like this. I guess their interest is short term profit life most others companies these days. No more long term ---Shame on you Dermitage.

This is a definite ***.

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you have to read the fine print and Term & Conditions. It clearly states...it's Free after the trial period of 14 days.

if you like it then you do nothing and your card will be charged $90 and they enroll you in a monthly shipment club.

That's why I didn't put any of my info in for the free sample. But did it work??

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