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I too was ripped off. I signed up for a free sample thinking they'd send it too me and if I liked it I'd order the product. WRONG.

They started sending me products and charging my accounts. I never felt I authorized them to charge my account. I thought I was just providing my account information for convenience purposes. Boy was I ***.

READ THE FINE PRINT LADIES. Anyone that has a business practice like this I WILL NOT do business with. Don't you. To top it off. When I returned the products they sent me they said I had to pay shipping and have a special code to get my account credited. I'm assuming since I just sent it back "return to sender" which the post office said I could do, I will not get credit for the return of products. Do you know how much they've ripped me off for. It's outrageous.


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It seems to me anyone who is foolish enough to send credit card information"just in case" is not very consumer-smart.

This type of marketing is not uncommon and the instructions clearly state you will be billed.

It's obvious the amount you receive is more than a tiny free sample.It is a full supply that you are expected to either return in 14 days or pay for.

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