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Add my name to the ever growing list of people ripped off by did not see their tiny little squint font hidden at the bottom of their page linking to terms and conditions.

I paid for shipping and handling for my "free" trial. When I checked my credit card statement they had billed me $89.95. I see now they plan on billing me every two months for $69.95.

They deceptively market to aging women who often have compromised eye sight, that wouldn't see the links in hopes of taking them to the cleaners.

Their practices are sleazy and shady.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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I was unaware that my FREE SAMPLE (2 oz of cream) would be billed to me for $99.00 after 14 days...Did thye really expect me to pour over the bits of paper they sent with the product, until the next bank statement I didn't know they had bilked me for another $105.00 If you read this called them and complain. they need to get some good business practices real soon. I'll call the BBB tomorrow, please doit to if left feeling like a chump like me.


I was tricked into trying something I thought would help my sensitive skin.I am a paint contractor and decorative artist and have to be in the sun during the summer.

Dermitage popped up on my screen, and I thought I'd try it.

Didn't help AT ALL and now I'm stuck with 2 charges on my bank acct that I never knew about (again fine print----beware) This business is apparently SO profitable that I guess they just get really greedy.Bad business for sure


this business is stealing from people who would gladly pay for the product if it worked and they didn't scam you with the free trial....Dont don't let them burn you too! they are really working the system with their fine line discloser.


I will report them to BBB.I was sucked in like all the others that have been duped by the their ad popups Business like this gives us all a bad taste for doing business on the internet.

They should be ashamed of themselves.....if they have a good product why not have good ads and business pratices too. I didn't look into this enough before I asked for the "free sample", my bad, but truly I've never ordered anything on line before....Beware is the lesson I learned and by the way the products did not make any difference in my 58 year old skin.. thanks for nothing Dermitage, just a bill I can't afford....

$99.00 for the free trial?and $105 for the next 2 what a scam.....


i had cancelled my order and now i see they have charged me again.i did not see that you have14 days to cancelled .

so i called and canceled about three mounths ago and now they are taking 53.71 out of my account again.

this has taught me a lesson.i will go and put a stop on any payments to them.


I went through the same thing. The only difference is that they now charge 105.90 each month!!


Just a plain rip off. They should be reported to the bbb.

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