I had recieved a sample from Dermitage Company, then another which I did not order that was evidently lost in shippment and I did not get until Nov 5.. I had cancelled any further shippments.

I called and told them that I was returning the package and requesting that the charge be reversed. The girl who answered said that they did not accept returns and would not reverse the charge and that I had not used the product long enough.

By this time she was screaming at me and so I hung up. This is a scam and should be reported to proper the authorities.

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I was just on the phone to them, had no problem getting through and no problems dealing with them. Most companies have some less than desireable people unfortunately, maybe you just got one of them, you should make the complaint about the individual not the entire company. I have used the product and it is great

Clewiston, Florida, United States #214323

Do not order this product. I had a problem getting them to stop taking money out of my account and to reimbursement...

This is a scam. This is not a free trial...

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