They are unethically hiding behind their small print. The word FREE is misused and misleading.

Customers assume it is a free product and it is only a free trail. Dermitage knows how to misrepresent their product offer relying on the consumer not reading the small print. Also, the trial starts the day you order the free trial. They do not answer their phones either.

I am so angry about their marketing that i would not use or buy their products even if i liked them.

Their products mad my face red and did not remove any wrinkles as stated. Also, I have knowledge that they pay people to place good reviews.

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This is not a free trial, was charged for the FREE TRIAL then they want it back in 30 days if not satisfied, or else they charge your account, its a scam


I just sent back my "free" sample that Dermitage wants $99.95 for if I don't send it back. This is a total scam. My face broke out too after two days of using their product.


To the person who claims she heard that the Dermatage people even pay people to put good comments online... well missy, point me in the direction of people who pay for something like that, because I loved this product, it was none other than exactly what it said it was, and you guys who wrote in with these FALSE REPORTS, AND YOU KNOW IT, are full of patoodie, most companies now do actually get people in a purchasing club so that they can keep on receiving the product they love at the discounted price instead of at full price(this club thing I speak of is NO different than your cosmetologist=hairdresser signing you up for your next appointment before you leave from the one you are presently at, now, whose gonna claim that as a rip off??

I dare you because if they don't a backlog can occurr, so I am certain the same can happen within any business; and this is what consumers want, no waiting or BACKLOG, because someone calls that meaning the same as a product that doesn't work, how *** is that? it is not meant for anyone to be ripped off you know you can talk yourself into creating just about any false report you want to type in a boxed comment, but that don't make it right.

If your living like there is no God, you had better be right! So quit lying and tell only the truth, and if you don't think you are lying, then, read this, and THINK AGAIN before making up any comment in your own mind to claim to others and causing another's company to perhaps have problems they wouldn't normally have without your mouth flapping in the wind.

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