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I got caught in the scam by taking the trial on Dermitage. The company kept sending me products and charged me for products that I do not want. They are very clever to state that all sales are final and they do not accept return. I guess the company known exactly what their plan was right from the beginning.

Like many scams, they did include the clause in the confirmation email. It stated at the very bottom of the mail that says they will continue to send you products and charge you for it if you do not CALL THEM to cancel your account. The company also cleverly stated that all sales after the 14 days trial period are NOT RETURNABLE.

Frankly, 30 days is not even a fair period for me to finish the product. The organization was set-up to rip it's customer off and they are not sincere is building a long term business relationship. All I can say is that it's a big scam. I do not know what I have to do with the two sets of products that are siting in my bathroom cabinet. I don't event want to use it because it products that create to take advantage of consumers.

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