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more than a scam or rip-off. it's a total fraud.

the cream makes my face red and develops ugly and irritable rash. it causes irreparable DAMAGE to my skin and my self esteem. i just cancelled my account and demanded immediate refund, but was greeted by unfriendly and unprofessional excuses. i will fight this to the end and make sure this unethical deceiving OUTFIT pay for what they've done.

i urged every victim of this scam to do the same, flood their lines with angry protest till justice is served.

they're not gonna to get away with this, by cheating innocent trusting consumers who spent their hard earned money to gain back their self confidence by rejuvenating themselves.

it's just so heartless of them to shatter so many dreams for profit. DAMITAGE must FALL, must GO and must PAY.

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It is amazing that inspite of all these scam and ecommerce abuses, today yahoo pubished an article (of course paid by Dermitage) endorsing Dermitage as the #1 anti-aging product line. Where is america's ethical corporate responsibility?.

Not too long ago I was disatisfied with a merchandise purchased from China.

They acepted y return and refunded all my money in a matter of a week! I was impressed with thier business practices and ethics.

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