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If you want to be included in my law suit against Dermitage, email me and we will close down these sob's!! We work hard for our money.

To have one of these dishonest, thieving, companies take it. They say free trial size, for shipping and prossesing pay 5.95. These *** charged me 47.60 for shipping and prossesing instead. What a freaking scam.

They need to be shut down. I probably have more wrinkles from the stress that DERMITAGE has caused me.

I want to put a big wrinkle in they're thieving business and get the money back to the people that DERITAGE has stolen from. Sincerely pissed off, Janice

Monetary Loss: $47.

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I'm going to half to close my checking account to stop them. I' ve called and told them to not take anymore money out of my account. And they did again


I call and they wont give me my money back


they have ripped me off a few times


Yep, just stole $89.95 from me. but I'm a journalist and I will get them.

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