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Be careful, Dermitage "free trial" is anything but free. I order on-line offen but this one fooled me.

They ask for $5.95 in shipping fee so you are forced to put a credit card in. I totally missed where the $98 monthly charge was stated. As soon as I pushed did come up. I called the 800 # immediately and they said they were sorry that I missed it but they would offer me a discounted rate of $45 if I liked the product.

It was send way too late for me to have a 14 day trial, so I called again. They extended my 14 days. I actually do not know if this is a good product or not. I did not see any results.

Even if it were good I would NEVER use this company again. I had to send back the unused product at my cost for them to cancel my automatic shipments. This meant another call to them to get my secret authorization code sent to me. The woman I spoke to kept trying to talk me into keeping the product.

Their on-line statement says that if you decide not to keep it just call and there will be no hassel.

This is not the case. Save your self all this trouble and go the the local drugstore and buy your similar products at a cheaper price with no hassel at all!!

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I just made my forth phone call to Dermitage for refund because I received YET ANOTHER box of Dermitage in the mail two days ago. I was told that since I did not cancel within the first 14 days of the trial period, I was obligated, once again, to pay for the product because, "all sales are final".

I said "***, I need to speak to your supervisor!" I was told that a supervisor would tell me the same thing. Once again I said, "***!" After being put on hold, the girl returned and said that they would be able to offer me a discount of 50% off & I could keep the product. I said that I did not want their product & I wanted a FULL refund. After being on hold once again, the girl came back & told me that they are sending me a return form & I must return the product with this form in order to get a refund.

But if I don't return it within 30 days, I get nothing & they will continue to send me product & charge my credit card.

NOW, what kind of legitimate company does business this way??? BEWARE!!!!!!!


Evidently this scam worked so well for Dermitage, that Kumarra has joined with them in this rip-off! When I received my, so called, Risk Free Trial, it included products from both Manufacturers.

And when I received my credit card bill, I was charged $99.95 from Kumaara & $89.96 from Dermitage. Of course I called both, requesting a refund & was given the same B.S.

that everyone gets & was told that there is nothing that I can do about it. I will check to see what I can do "legally" to get a refund & do what I can to spread the word of this scam!


I am old enough & smart enough to know better, but I fell for the free trial scheme. Red Flags should have fell from the sky when I gave them my credit card for shipping.

I received the product then read the conditions & saw that after 14days they would start billing me $89.00 a month & I would receive orders monthly. In the first place I had no idea they were going to send me the full product; just small samples or something. I don't know if their product is any good or not, but I called & immediately cancelled. Just like the others that have complained, it took me 15 minutes to finally get it through their head I didn't want the product, & didn't want to pay,order, use, period.

Just cancel it. I think this tactic should definitely be against the law & very strict fines placed on these companies that try to sneak you into financal ruin!

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