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First set up and act that will be used solely for on-line purchases. Keep only $20.00 in this act. If you order any "Free" samples for shipping only, they will get their "shipping" fee and NOTHING else. If they choose to be seedy/shady/Greedy they have no access to your personal act.

They get ONLY the Shipping fee, nothing more!!!! This stuff burns my A double SS big time!

I never use my personal bank act for any on-line purchases for this reason. There are to many blood suckers out there. Also I only use my credit cards IF there is a 10% or 20% discount for using it,I get the discount then go home and pay it off! You get the discount, and they do NOT get their 21% interest fee....

Ps lets all hope they do not read this site we can all make these changes and put the screws to them Ha, Ha, Ha...

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