I tried the product and was pleased with results. For the people who are "pissed" and feel ripped off...

if you know you have bad eye sight put your reading glasses on to read all of the information regarding your "free trial offer" it specifically states in the ad... 14 day free trial. If after that time you are not satisfied call the 800# supplied in the ad and let them know you are not satisfied and will be returning the unused portion.

If they do not hear from you this indicates that you wish to have more sent and will be billed to your credit card....and they do let you know how much the "full cost is" It's that simple. I had my glasses on and had no problem understanding the "free offer" ad.

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Anytime you see "free trial offer", you have to take responsibility going into it and do your part if you don't want to continue getting shipments. I write on my daily calendar when I ordered and when I should call to cancel.

I LOVED this product and had very good results. However, I am not financially independent, so I could not afford the $99 monthly charge. I called them in time and they extended my trial offer for another month. I called again three weeks later and cancelled.

I wish I could afford Dermitage. Being in my 40's, the basic Walmart lotion just doesn't do the trick anymore.


Gee... I wonder which PR company Dermitage hired to assist with writing this review!!



not only did I not get the special $5.95 trial offer they biled me for but now they now charged another $99.95! This overdrew my checking account and I can't get thru to bank or them due to weekend and holiday!!!!! :( :cry :?


I ordered dermitage and like the products, they work great and I love the eye lift andsaw instant results. I called and canceled in time with no problem only because it is cheaper and can be bought on Amazon.com


Not only did I not get the order confirmation e-mail; I am still waiting on an RMA e-mail. They charged my credit card imediatly but could not find the time to send an order confirmation?

Their actions so far have been more than little shady. I say buyer be ware!


I am also very pleased with product and I fully understood the 14 day free trail. No surprises if you understand what you are reading.

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