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Nobody picked up the phone! Obviously, you're out of business!


Your products don't come with an expiration date, so I don't know when they'll be expired. One product has turned to liquid after a while and I don't think it's good to use any more!

I don't think your products should stay in the market!


Product or Service Mentioned: Dermitage Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dermitage - Shipment problems and last order

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When I received my last order, the "pump" product bottle was only 1/2 full...however, I kept it since it would have taken too long to complain and have another shipped.

Now I am totally out of both products...the pump produce as well as the skin renewal complex. I called customer service last week and was told there was a shipping problem...gee, how could this possibly happen AGAIN??!! I was told that my products would be shipped this week. No phone call regarding the delay, nothing...just no product as ordered.

I have been a faithful user of these two products and I love them...however, your shipping service is deplorable...I canceled my orders several years ago due to shipping problems and could not find another product that I liked so came back to Dermitage and lost the extra discount that I had been given for being a faithful client. Now here we go again!!! I am extremely aggravated by this problem...if you are going to be in the business of supplying beauty products, please do something about the place where your shipments are sent from AND monitor the quality of your beauty creams to be certain they contain the proper quantity of the product so your customers are not shorted.

I would appreciate an answer from corporate about this situation.

Dermitage web site lacking

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I was checking out getting Dermitage after being given some and liking it. I see comments and checking the web site I need to wary.

Their web site offers products with little description and doesn't even tell the amount you are buying and you can not tell from the picture, plus the prices are outrageous (buy on EBay). They don't offer an email contact and who wants to call and talk with them, not me. Can't understand a decent product shooting itself in the foot.

I expect they don't want to go on record with any written email statements. Oh well, it's just crisco in a nice package anyhow.

Monetary Loss: $49.

Dermitage -don't do it!


I started ordering a few years ago, was somewhat happy with the results ,just a nice moisturizer at best. But then canceled the shipment three months ago and they still debited my account and tried to charge me full price.

After being on the phone with costumer service for 30 minutes and insisting they refunded me the full amount. I mean really got aggressive with the rep, she was not going to do it until I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Not worth this amount of bs. We'll see if they do this again, I don't have time to deal.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Dermitage - lousy customer service

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Lousy customer service, I have purchased this item for some time and every time I do, I have issues. It really is NOT worth the trouble.

There is no communication, customer service is not helpful, they do not speak English, yet they "understand" everything. They "parrot" in order to pacify. They gave me a bogus number to call for a complaint, and could not and would not give me corporate information. Everything about this company is fraudulent.

There is nothing more to say about a company who does not, nor will not offer assistance to thier customer.

Perhaps it is because they have no idea of what they are doing.

Monetary Loss: $69.

Dermitage is not anti winkle its anti customer!


I paid for four of there products,two of which never came and two that were empty squirt bottles,they told me one month ago that they reship ,they never did I called again to get my money back, they told yet another was on its way they lied! And they will not return my money!

I will get my money back! AS for the rest of you ,DONT bother with this horrible company and I use the term company losely, They have no good skin cream! Its just a big scam!

My sister used this product her skin broke out terrible! She didnt know I ordered it until after the damage was done!

Monetary Loss: $150.


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After seeing an advertisement for a "sample" of Dermitage I ordered a shipment for $5.95. I am now being billed $99.95 for that SMALL trial sample.

Do not under any circumstances order this product unless you want to go through what I just did. When I called to complain about being billed, I was told to call my local post office. They told me a package was delievered, but I didn't receive another package -- it was just the sample that I was charged $100 for. So....

try to call and cancel - they will just keep telling you about more that they have to offer you.

I had to get down right rude before she would allow me to cancel. Please don't sign up for this product, unless you have endless money to burn!!!!


Fairport, New York, United States #665664

Samples and trials are two different careful..always read all the information provided.. it is always provided

Dermitage in Santa Clara, California - Billed after trial period anyways


Dermitage - trial skin care cream for $5.95- 30 day trial cream is actually $99 a month which is not clear in the add.

returned unused product after getting RMA .20 days prior to trial being over and called and confirmed they received product back, they still charged my card $108!

23 days after receiving the product back. very dissapointed in the way this company works just to return a product on a trail basis I had to make 5 calls to this office, and they still screwed up.

I would never recommend buying anything from this company. It is too bad, i used the trial creme for about 7 days and i liked it, but because of the way the represent themselves i would never buy the product.

Monetary Loss: $108.

Dermitage I canceled about 6mos ago and received an order today which they say I cannot cancel

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I received an order from Dermitage today. I had canceled I thought 6mos ago.

I called and said I want to cancel again I was told they would send me an Email to that effect. I said I hadn't opened the package and was going to return it. They said they don't take returns. This is the same line I got with the last order which I kept but told them to cancel.

This could go on forever if when they send the product they won't take returns. I am furious that there seems to be no way out of this scam.



Same thing happened to me!, I just ordered a free trial and then they kept sending me and charging my credit card!!, We should all open a facebook page against this product so people know what can happened to them if they dare to try it.

Dermitage Free Trial -- NOT TRUE!!

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Do not order the Dermitage Free Trial. I did not understand that I had to CALL and tell this company not to bill me because this product caused more skin problems that I have ever had.

Little did I know that I was then, after 14 days, billed $99.95 for this product until 30 days later I received a second Dermitage package charging me $115.12 for a product that I threw away after 5 days!!!

They have refused to refund my money or take back the product. This is a fraudulent company scamming customers to stay in business.

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