I got faulty product container that didn't work. Don't buy this product over the internet.

Don't give in to the ads. They don't work. Make sure you read the fine prints and knows what you are getting into. Once you give them your credit card, they got you.

The only thing you can do is to cancel your credit card so you can't be charged again. The ads show results that are not based on scientific studies.

If you order, make sure you call them to verify the terms and conditions and ask for concrete studies.

Monetary Loss: $89.

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Definitely read the fine print on the "Free" trail sample. It's not free and they intend to charge you the full price of $89.00 in 45 days after you receive your "Free" sample.

It's very deceiving. Finally, if their product was a good as they say it is, ask yourself why they would have to stoop to these deceiving billing tactics if their products was "that good". Really!!! You'd think people would be banging on their door for more product and pushing the money on them.

Instead, they sneekingly deceive you instead and bill you and make it difficult for you to contact them. Don't buy!!!


:( dermatage got me too! they said "free" trial but i too was billed 70.00$ on my credit card. not nice dermatage!

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