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forget the $4.95 sample price. that was just the shipping and handling. They are going to hit you with a charge of $49.95-$69.95 for some impressively packaged goop that only makes your eye lashes stiff and does little for under eyecircles or wrinkles on top of that $4.95.

You'd do better throwingt your money out a window.

Geeezs.. give it to charity where you at least feel like something was accomplished

Avon cost far less and is more efective. But Avon does not have a 'eye lash' formula , as of yet.

give them time

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thieves is right.try 89.95 after the first cost of 4.95, if you dont send the sample back. when you call them the cost goes down to 39.95 if you stay a customer.why, after 30 days and no results to the bottom of the jar, im out 94.90.

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