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I think the web site hosting these "free" ads should be held accountable.I got ripped off a couple of years ago on the "free" samples of Dermatage by clicking "retry" half-a-dozen times when my credit card wouldn't go through.

I never even got the sample, just half-a-dozen charges to my account for shipping fees. I reported it to the bank as soon as I saw my account when checking my balance on-line. I think the site where the ads are posted should be made to remove these scam-ads from their sites.

MSN, your move.


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I just called them and threatened to involve myself in a pending class action lawsuit.I was placed on hold for several minutes and when the party returned I was informed that a credit was being issued for $190.00.

We will see what happens. If no refund appears we should get the lawsuit started if one hasn't already commenced.

A legitimate enterprise shouldn't have to scrape the bottom of the ethics and propriety barrel if the product is good.Quality sells itself without Hugo Chevez marketing tatics.

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